Social Prescribing Service




Our Social Prescriber Link Workers are here to support you!

You will be assisted in being signposted to services, community groups and support in our local area such as Citizens Advice Bureau, Age UK, Early Help Services.

We will be there for you when you need that extra support and advice. Follow up appointments can also be arranged to ensure you are achieving your goals.

Patient Eligibility

  • Adults 18+
  • Ability to attend local activity independently
  • Able to manage own care
  • Have low, moderate or emerging mental health needs
  • Experience long-term health conditions
  • Face housing problems, debt, finding work or relationship problems
  • Lonely or isolated
  • Struggle to engage with services
  • Are carers

Please speak with any member of your GP practice staff to arrange an appointment for short term “non- medical” support.


The E4 Network Social Prescribing Link Workers


Rasna Begum

My name is Rasna Begum and I have been working as a Social Prescribing Link Worker for the E4 Primary Care Network since November 2021.

I started my career working with young children with Autism and learning disabilities until I moved into adult mental health care. This is when I first came across the term 'Social Prescribing' and began to understand its value.

I became a Social Prescribing Link Worker to provide well rounded support to the wider community and 'link' individuals with local provisions in order to improve health and wellbeing.

As a Waltham Forest resident, I am still discovering new and existing services that have been beneficial not just to my patients, but to myself, and I am keen to discover more.

Rasna Begum


Patient Testimonials

Patient of The Old Church Surgery

Rosin recommended to me by my doctor. I was unsure of the job of this profession until she was introduced into my daughter and I's life. This beautiful human being was not just fantasticshe was caring, understanding, empathetic and a wonderful listener on top all of that she did her job professionally giving advice and links for help I didn't even know were out there.

She never missed a phone appointment and she guided and helped me through all we talked about.

I highly recommend a social subscriber to anyone in need.

Patient of Handsworth Medical Practice

I was referred to Social Prescribing by my GP. At the time I was very unwell and found it difficult to do things for myself.

Based on a previous experience of the service I did not think they would be much help.

I needed practical help to contact relevant agencies, services and to be linked into these. I did not want to be sign posted to these services as I did not have the energy or motivation to do this myself.

After explaining this to the social prescriber (Roisin Reilly) she was great. She referred me to the relevant services and made sure they had made contact with me, chased them up when they didn't.

She kept in touch with me and when she was unable to keep our appointments or was running late for them she always made contact to let me know which was very much appreciated.

I found her to be caring and compassionate. She listened to me and was highly competent. I value the support she gave me.

Her support at a time in my life when I most needed it has made a real difference to my health and functioning.